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Great success with Horses

Dear Customer

Just a brief note and some rather interesting news, especially if you have an interest in equine matters or know a horse lover or two.

You probably know I believe wheatgrass is able to activate growth factor production. In turn, this process leads to healing and skin recovery, hence our skin recovery products being named as such.

The five pictures attached illustrate this phenomenon very clearly. This horse was mauled by wild dogs. The pictures show one of several wounds, one on the left cheek and the other on the inner left leg. By applying the wheatgrass Skin Recovery Spray once daily, the rather large and deep wounds have almost completely healed in just four weeks. No antibiotics and no dressings were used. The most striking feature though, is that the fur has regrown and there is no scarring.

Manuka honey can do this, but it's sticky, hard to apply and needs to be dressed to hold the honey on the wound and to keep the dirt out.

Enter Dr Wheatgrass Skin Recovery Spray. One quick spray. No dressing, and in this case, the horse comes in for its daily treatment and stands there like a trusting patient.

Dr Chris Reynolds
Managing Director, Wheatgrass Pty Ltd.

Left cheek, day 1
Left cheek, day 28

Inner left leg, day 1
Inner left leg, day 14
Inner left leg, day 28