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Wheatgrass preferred to topical steroids

Hello Everyone,

These two babies with eczema show how this medical condition can be controlled without having to resort to applying topical steroid creams and ointments. That is, by regular application of wheatgrass extract.

Infantile Eczema 1 Case

Even if applied for short periods of time TS can damage and thin the child’s skin which then reduces its ability to protect itself against infection. If they are continued for any length of time, the child's skin can become “addicted” to the drug. In some cases, this addiction can be lifelong.

Sales of these potentially damaging drugs may benefit drug manufacturers, but for the millions of children that suffer TS damage and their carers, life can become difficult. Even more so when attempts are made to cease treatment permanently, because the unwanted symptoms of topical steroid withdrawal are very likely. This doctor-caused condition can take five years or more to overcome.

I'm sure you would agree that if there was a way to prevent this suffering, it should be persevered with. The best time to do that is in infancy - BEFORE the addiction occurs. This is why I use wheatgrass extract for infants and children with eczema instead of TS. It works and there are no side effects.

Please read more about the two cases above.

Kind regards,
Dr. Chris Reynolds.

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