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Wheatgrass aids stroke recovery

February 2014

For the past 19 years I have researched and worked with wheatgrass looking for ways to assist healing and improve quality of life.

During this time, I have seen numerous healing "phenomena", something one rarely sees in orthodox medical practice. (See www.drwheatgrass.com for many examples.)

In January this year, while working as a volunteer GP at a small clinic in Viseisei, Fiji, I was fortunate enough to witness the most remarkable healing phenomenon I have ever seen.

A stroke victim who had been paralysed down the left side for 7 years was able to open his clenched, stroke-affected hand about 10 minutes after application of a small amount of wheatgrass Skin Recovery Cream. Over the following week, with daily application of wheatgrass, he gained almost full movement of his arm and leg and he is now able to drive a car.

Because it has always been generally accepted that strokes are irreversible, it had never occurred to me to see if wheatgrass extract could assist recovery of joint movement in neurologically compromised patients.

Thankfully, I have been proven wrong. Twice.

I would therefore like to share these two events with you in these video clips that I took "off the cuff" with my mobile phone during a very busy clinic.

It is however, important to note that it is impossible to say whether wheatgrass will work in other stroke patients. It really comes down to giving it a try, but the high safety factor of wheatgrass (it is essentially a food) could make it worthwhile. Both the Skin Recovery Cream and the Spray worked well in these two patients when applied daily over stiffened joints.

Kind regards,
Dr.Chris Reynolds.M.B,B.S

April 2014

Just 2 months after he began using Dr Wheatgrass Skin Recovery Cream for stroke recovery, Boya, who had great difficulty walking and no left hand function, is now enjoying a markedly improved quality of life. Watch a video of him happily kicking a soccer ball with his "paralysed" left foot - http://youtu.be/UjdV-tq6lnc

....and, mowing the grass - http://youtu.be/Q6r4RnIrkE4

And we now have 6 stroke survivors altogether showing improvement.

Kind regards,
Dr. Chris Reynolds. M.B., B.S.