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Grass juice factor

Research chemists have proabably identified most of the biologically active substances in wheatgrass, but the exact nature of the elusive 'Grass Juice Factor' remains a mystery to this day. It is known to be present in all the cereal grasses and a number of other plants such as peas, cabbage, spinach and white clover. In cereal grasses, it is known to be in highest concentration in the young grass and diminshes as the plant ages.

wheatgrassClinical and research evidence has revealed the 'Grass Juice Factor' to have, among other properties, powerful growth and fertility effects in experimental animals and to increase milk production in cows.

In one case, pigs were fed cereal grass supplements for seven weeks and gained weight rapidly. Weight gain stopped almost immediately the cereal grass was withdrawn and replaced with a mineralised milk diet only. When cereal grass was reintroduced, rapid weight gain resumed.

The Grass Juice Factor has also been observed clinically to have significant regenerative effects when applied to damaged skin and on physical health in general when fresh juice of the young cereal plant is ingested.

For a more comprehensive view of the medical importance of the Grass Juice Factor, see Dr. Chris Reynolds' July Newsletter.