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About us

dermawheatDr Wheatgrass Products represent the culmination of 27 years' research into the healing benefits of wheatgrass. However these developments are only an extension of over 78 years of research by many others into the nutritional and therapeutic properties of wheatgrass, chlorophyll and the Grass Juice Factor.

Wheatgrass New Zealand Limited are the New Zealand distributors for Dr Wheatgrass® Antioxidant Skin Recovery Cream, Recovery Spray, Superbalm and Supershots manufactured by Wheatgrass Pty Ltd who are based in Queensland, Australia. Wheatgrass Pty Ltd are committed to developing the highest quality natural products crafted from their unique wheatgrass extract formulation.

Wheatgrass New Zealand Limited
PO Box 7268
Mid Avenue
Wanganui 4541.
Phone: (06) 34 55491
Email: info@wheatgrass.co.nz