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Molluscum Contagiosum Testimonials

I write to you with many thanks for introducing me to your product of Wheatgrass Skin Recovery Cream. My 4 year old daughter has suffered from molluscum contagiosum virus for over 12 months which has spread from both her arms to her torso and down her legs and I was assured by other physicians that it would run its course and disappear with time. I had used other antiseptic creams to try and prevent it spreading but nothing helped. After using your wonderful cream for only 2 weeks the improvement was dramatic, with the existing spots and marks disappearing and no longer spreading, after another fortnight the viral infection is now completely gone. I have since used the cream on mosquito bites, blisters, cut fingers and even pimples. I have happily informed many friends and my family on how marvelous your product is and will always make sure I keep some in my cupboard to have on hand. The results truly do speak for themselves, with such quick repair to damaged skin. I think it should be available everywhere. My heartfelt thanks and appreciation.
K. S. and Z (daughter) Melbourne. Australia. May 2003

Dear Dr -------,
My children and my brother's children, my self and my sister in law have had molluscums for nearly three years now. We have treated them with "Transfer Factor " a cow's milk colostrum, and Thuja (herb)cream with no success. A skin specialist has burnt them with dry ice treatment which has removed individual spots however they have re emerged in other places six months later. My colleague at RDNS has informed me of the Wheat grass treatment. Could you please provide me with some more information for children aged from 11years to 4years and adults. Yours in desperate anticipation.
M. S., Royal District Nursing Service. Australia. 26th April 2004

Dear Dr ------,
I am pleased to say that my family are now free of molluscums thanks to the wheat grass spray. Thanks.
22 June 2004

A couple of weeks ago I purchased the Wheatgrass Recovery Cream for my sister who is in Darwin. Her son, who is four, was diagnosed with Molluscum Contagiosum, and as usual the doctor said it would clear up over time and nothing could be done. She asked me to look up the condition on the internet and I came across your product. I decided to order the Recovery Cream for her since it was a natural product, it was an Australian product and very reasonably priced. After using the cream for only 2 weeks his condition has totally cleared up. She is thrilled, since it had started to spread from his legs to his torso and head before using the cream. I have now decided to try it on my 18 month old daughter who seems to always get the odd rash or two on her torso, and she has a particularly itchy one at present. I look forward to giving the product a go myself! Thankyou for being able to provide a product that gave my nephew (and my sister) such quick relief!!
J. S. Australia June, 2005

Dear Doctor Chris!
Thank you so much for recommending Wheat Grass cream for my 6 year old daughters Molluscum Contagiosum. She had endured the lesions covering her chest, abdomen, thighs and arms for over a year before we started using the cream. We had seen a General Practioner and Paediatrician with the only advice being to "leave it alone and it will go away eventually". My little girl was too embarrassed to let anyone see her chest and other mothers were horrified at the prospect of her possibly infecting their child. Within a few weeks of using the cream the larger lesions became inflamed and the white core was pushed out of the centre. This continued over the following weeks and my daughter was thrilled that they were all "dying". No new lesions have developed and we are very happy with the result! Thank you again.
T. L. Gove NT Australia. 18 July, 2005

I am a busy working mum and my daughter who has suffered from Molluscum has had these for over a year. In sheer desperation I had taken her out of swimming class and ready to take her to the children's hospital as the molluscums were so bad. Now, thanks to you, the molluscums are on the way out. It had taken just a total of 6 weeks and I can now say that I am very satisfied with the result. My daughter suffered irritation from the molluscums, swelling, redness as big as the palm of your hand, itchy and extremely uncomfortable, and not to mention embarrassing. One week after using the wheat grass we noticed a big difference. We both have confidence that this solution has worked for us and cannot thank you enough for your support.
G. O. Melbourne, Australia. 19 September, 2005

I just wanted to let you know that after I had sent my testimonial to you it was a week later that I checked Laura's body for any further changes. What I found was that ALL the Molluscums had gone, No signs at all of any Molluscums. We were so pleased. Laura is back swimming again and wearing low back tops and is on top of the world. THANK YOU for all your support.
G. O. Melbourne, Australia. 27 October, 2005

Dear Dr. Chris,
In regards to my daughters Molluscum I am happy to say that the two Molluscums that she had have cleared up and it has only been about 4 and a half weeks. Luckily she had no more come up and now that the two have gone I can see no trace of them. One lady at the pool told me the best thing to do was to squeeze them! How painful and unnecessary. I have told people about the Wheatgrass Cream and will strongly recommend it to anyone who may have a similar problem. I have also found that it helps to heal broken skin from squeezing pimples!! Thanks for your advice and I look forward to continuing to use your product.
L. F. Australia. December, 2005.

I am just wanting to let you know that my son had molluscum for about 6 months on his underarm and chest area then it spread terribly down his legs and his arms and over his back. He was basically covered in the pimples. I was desperate and found Dr Wheatgrass Website.
I am so glad I went looking for an answer. The creams the doctors prescribed just irritated the area but did nothing about causing the healing process. I ordered the Wheatgrass spray and within 2 weeks the spots are almost all gone. There are a few left on his chest where they were terribly infected but you have to look closely to see them. The wonderful thing is that immediately after using the wheatgrass my son stopped scratching them therefore they stopped spreading. He is so excited now as he can now wear singlets and his soccer shorts without being embarrassed. Thankyou so much for finding this wonderful product.
A. M. Australia. February, 2006

Just a quick note to say thank you to a wonderful product, and especially to all who wrote in testimonials about their experience with molluscum warts. My 3 year old son had the warts growing on his back then spreading to the rest of his torso and on his buttock cheeks. By that stage I took him to the doctors to see if there was anything we could do as they were spreading quite rapidly. Just wait it out we were told. That we did. In the next few months they had spread down his arms and legs and were quite unsightly. Being summer we could not cover them and at the pool he got some interesting looks. Back to a different doctor I go....second opinion. Same..just wait it out, it could be a year before they go. Thanks to modern technology. I did a bit of research on the computer and came across your product. I would have just thought oh yeh, just another fad product had I not read the testimonials. Reading them I became excited..I could relate to their experiences. The next day we bought the product. Within a week the warts started crusting up, by two weeks they were little dots that we could barely find and by 3 weeks we are rubbing cream on where we are guessing they were. Thank you. I am still amazed at what a wonder product the wheatgrass cream is.
Deanna, Melbourne, Australia. 29 March, 2006

I would just like to say thank goodness I discovered the dermawheat recovery spray and cream. My 3 year old daughter suffered from the molluscum contagiousum virus. She was covered on one arm and belly and it was spreading to her back and legs. I used the spray in the morning and the cream at nite after a salt water bath and within 4 weeks it was gone! Thanks Dr. Chris!
T. G. Australia. April, 2006

Hello, I ordered the spray for my daughters Molluscum Contagiosum. Thanks for a great product. Could you please send me the cream ASAP and also do you have any brochures so I can show them to my Doctor. Thanks for a product that actually works.
Kim. Te Awamutu, New Zealand. April, 2006

I was a little sceptical about the claims of the wheatgrass cream and spray for the treatment of molluscum contagiosum but have been using it on my 4 yr old son for 3 weeks and the infection is all but gone. Before I started to use the products, the infection had begun to spread and he had hundreds of bumps beginning to come up on his feet and up his legs. The use of the
products has stopped the further development of these spots which have now disappeared and the existing bigger lesions have stopped itching and now most have completely disappeared. I will be advising my family GP of this success as she had advised that all we could do was wait, or undergo painful treatments which could cause considerable distress to a 4 year old, and some scarring. My son is a very keen swimmer and I was considering having to take him out of his swimming lessons and excluding him from public pools, but now, I am relieved that it will not be necessary. I just wonder why the products are not already more widely recognised? Thank you so much, your products have really made a difference to our family and we will recommend
them widely.
S. L. Australia. May, 2006

Dear Dr Chris,I am very excited to inform you of the success we have had with the wheatgrass cream for my 6 year old son's molluscum. He was diagnosed with molluscum in December 2005, and the prognosis was the same as all the doctors tell you - wait 6 months and it will go away. But being frustrated with this outcome I searched the internet and discovered your amazing products. I began using the cream on my son mid January 2006. Before commencing with the treatment the molluscum was so bad with up to 50 spots at a time either being red and inflamed or just in the primary stage. Predominantly he had them behind the knees and under one arm. (It was very difficult to cover up in the summer time.) Initially the inflamed ones healed quickly when we started using the cream, however new ones still kept coming. After about 12 weeks I noticed that the molluscum appeared really bad and he had so many inflamed erupted ones - but it was then that I realized his skin was purging itself of the virus and they were all on the way out. We are now molluscum free and owe our thanks to you and your products. I would highly recommend it to anybody for clearing molluscum.

On behalf of my sister I would like to send you a testimonial for the success she has also had with the wheatgrass cream. Her son also 6 caught the molluscum from my son. His case was not as severe as my child's, but he had them on his neck, shoulder and a few on his face. My sister immediately asked me to order the cream for her knowing that I was using it. She had a more rapid response to the cream, with eradication in about 9 weeks. We are all extremely happy with the prompt mailing of the product and more importantly the results achieved! Thankyou.
J. T. Australia. May, 2006

My son had severe molluscum around his genital area for close to one year. I tried various remedies, including piercing with a needle to remove the core which was terribly painful for him. I purchased cream for individual sores and spray for those grouped together. In two weeks all were gone or disappearing - it is unbelievable. I have mentioned this to my doctor and he responded that he had heard this from other parents ... so the good news is spreading. Thank you so much !!!
J. R. Armidale New South Wales . 13 June 2006

I just wanted to drop you a line and say thanks. I recently purchased your wheatgrass recovery cream for my babies Molluscums which were steadily spreading. After spending $350 on several Dr's visits and the creams they prescribed, I wasfeeling very frustrated and was made to feel that I was almost being vain about my son's skin. I am also a naturopath and so wondered why I was wasting my time and started researching myself which is when I came across your website. Anyway to cut a long story short - in just 3 weeks the cream was able to clear all of the Molluscums leaving no scars - a fantastic result. Even though I am a naturopath I still find many products do not do quite what they say and so am very glad that you have proved me wrong. I find I am looking forward to trying it on something else now. So many thanks and I'll no doubt be in touch again.
T. B. Australia. July, 2006

My three daughters have all suffered from molluscum, during a period of about 18 months to 2 and a half years. One child suffered far worse than the others with her molluscum greater in number and severity, her spots therefore took quite a while longer to finaly disappear. After my first child had these spots for a few months I noticed they were starting to spread, she was picking them and therefore leaving behind a scar. I took her to the doctor and she told me what they were called and said there was no treatment for them and they could hang around for anywhere up to 3 years, she said my daughter was lucky as her were not on her face as some other children have. I was upset that nothing could be done and I wasn't satisfied with just waiting for them to go as they look awful so I started surfing the net and that is when I found out about wheatgrass spray and cream. I ordered both the spray and cream, started treatment straight away (using the spray as my girls had so many between them)and didn't see any change for the first couple of weeks and I was beginning to get discouraged until about week 3 and 4 slowly but surely the spots were changing. Firstly the spots got very red and looked to have pus inside then they settled down and gradually faded away much to my amazement. My child that had the worst spots took longer to fade but eventually to my pleasure they all did, and she just has a few marks (scars) left. I am so thankful that I found out about your treatment, I definitely found the cream more effective but initially the spray was good as it was more economical having 3 children covered in molluscum. I am glad to say 2 of my daughters are now molluscum free and my 21 month old has only 2 left - it has been a really long road but thanks to you I can finally see the end is near.
S. P. New South Wales. 9 August, 2006

As a naturopath I have been using and recommending your products to many of my clients with absolute amazing success, it never seems to fail me so for that I thank you. It is especially good on those difficult peculiar cases!!!! I have used wheatgrass cream in many, many cases of molluscum contagiosum in children with 100% success rate.
M. W. Victoria. 14 August, 2006

My 5 year old son has been suffereing from Molluscum Contagiosum down his right side and under his arm for the good part of 6 months now. I was told by 2 different doctors that there was nothing that could be done and it would go in a couple of months. This it did'nt and it got worse and started spreading. One doctor told me that it would go all over his face and this scared me. It was then that I decided to do some investigating on the internet. I am so glad I did and found your wonderful site. It has been 10 days since we started using the Wheatgrass cream and to be honest I am amazed at what it has done. It has completely healed up some of the more severe spots and he has been left with just a little scar. The smaller spots have turned into what looks like little pimples now and I have every confidence that they will to be gone in no time. I thoroughly recommend the cream to anyone suffering from this condition. My son is gorgeous and it was a terrible thing for him to have on him. He suffered no side effects and within minutes it takes the itch out. I found it very easy to get hold of also. I have sent a letter to both of the doctors telling them of this wonderful product so that they too can help any other children suffering from this terrible condition. As a parent I found it quite distressing to see this spread over my son's body but thanks to your wonderful cream I cannot thankyou enough. In our house your cream is called MIRACLE cream. Thankyou.
Sharon. Australia. 15 October, 2006

Thank you so much for your magical DermaWheat Cream!! I have been totally astounded at how quickly this cream works at eliminating my 6 yr old daughter's Molluscum Contagiosum. Her disgusting warty spots that appeared down her arm, side of trunk and leg have almost completely disappeared within three weeks. I am continuing to use the cream as it appears to help with scarring tissue as well. It is such a relief seeing her back to her normal happy little self. So much for all the wonderful expensive "so called cures" prescribed by the Chemist,  Doctor, Dermatologist etc. I have had great delight recommending your product to everyone including my Doctor and Naturopath. Your friendly and prompt service is a credit to you and your products are priceless!! I will definitely always have some Dermawheat product on hand!! Thanks again.
T & D. G. Taumarunui. New Zealand. 6 November, 2006

Hi there, I promised I would get back to you with the results from using this product DermaWheat Wheatgrass Recovery Spray 150mL. After just 1 1/2 weeks, the sores are turning to scabs and falling off. There is a marvelous improvement in our grandson's condition of Molluscum Contagiosum. This has to be seen to be believed. I will keep you up to date as the progress gets even better. What this spray seems to be doing is drying them up, taking ALL the redness out,and slowly healing them. Thank you.
P. H. Hunter Valley. NSW. Australia. 27 October, 2006

Dear doctor wheat grass I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you so much for your wonderful research behind wheat grass creams and sprays. My 5 year son had suffered for a year of doctors saying that his molluscums would just go away with time, but all they seemed to do was spread all over his little body â śand I mean spread he had them everywhereâ ť it was horrible to see him without a shirt or pants. It was by chance I found you on the internet one night and order the tube of cream to try not really thinking much would come of it. I then started on the wheatgrass spray and by let me say within about 3 month every last one was gone. It was unbelievable Iâ ™ve now told every mum I know about your wonderful product and I canâ ™t thank you enough. Thank you Jill
Jill. Australia. 6 December, 2006

Dear Dr. Wheatgrass, I wanted to thank you for your product. At age 2.5 years, our son had molluscum. It was unsightly and it was spreading like wildfire from his inner thighs outward. We went to a dermatologist and tried some topical creams but they didn't work. They caused a lot of redness, stinging and a very difficult time with our son. The dermatologist asked us to use needles to pop the bumps and squeeze out the head. We couldn't do it and he didn't want to either. Then the dermatologist wanted to freeze them off. This was very painful and traumatic, and worst of all after going through that, the molluscum still came back. We were determined NOT to go back to the dermatologist and we started researching "alternative" solutions on the internet. We came across Dr. Wheatgrass it sounded like pure magic. Desperate to try something other we purchased the cream and the spray. At first we used the spray. This didn't work as well because the amount of wheatgrass varies from the spray and cream. So then we tried the cream and we immediately saw results. The pearly bumps started drying up and after 3 months of Dr. Wheatgrass, they were gone. Then have not come back. I highly recommend this product. It worked for us on our son's molluscum. The cream and spray does not sting or cause any reaction. It doesn't smell bad and it softens the skin. I used it on my face for my adult acne and it helped. We also used it on various red spots and rashes on the whole family and it worked. We even used it on the baby's diaper rash as well as cuts and scrapes. It IS amazing that this product works so well. We have been using it and will continue to stock it in our house.Lastly, I hope that you will try this product if your child has molluscum. It is a very inexpensive and easy way to see if this will work and painless.
B. P. San Francisco, USA. 30 March, 2007

Hello I wrote to you back on 15th October regarding the success we were having with my 6 year old sons molluscum after using the wheat grass cream. Unfortunately though everytime they healed and cleared up another lot come out on different parts of his body, at our wits end we decided to try the wheatgrass spray this time. I just wanted to let you know that we have had major success using the spray and after two weeks of using this we are finally down to the last 5 and no new ones have emerged. We really feel that the spray worked alot quicker than the cream for us and cant thank you enough for your wonderful product. We now spray his entire torso every night and morning in the hope that this will prevent any further molluscum reappearing. We hope we have finally seen the back of molluscum forever. Thank you so much.
S. R. Australia. 2 April, 2007